5 Free TurboScribe Alternative For Transcription 2024

TurboScribe lets you transcribe as much as you want for $10 a month. It also lets you do three transcriptions for free every day.

However, TurboScribe only provides transcription and subtitle files. It doesn’t let you create videos with subtitles that stay on the video permanently.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you about five other tools you can use instead of TurboScribe. These tools allow you to transcribe media files at no cost.

1. ListenMonster

Listen Monster offers you free transcription without even registration. Yes, simply upload your file to transcribe it.

It is also utilizing whisper for transcription. So you can expect a similar level of accuracy while transcription. In case you don’t know whisper is an open source speech recognition model Openai. It is the same company that released ChatGPT.

ListenMonster: Turbo Scribe alternative

Whisper is highly accurate compared to Azure, AWS, and Google Speech-to-Text Services.

Guest users can transcribe up to 10 MB of files. However free registered users can transcribe 2 hours of content every day. ListenMonster pro plan is available on a lifetime deal, unlike a monthly subscription.

You can export results as SRT, VTT, and TXT. Soon you would be able to export video with subtitles and remove background noise as well.

ListenMonster also lets you customize the number of words per subtitle that TurboScribe won’t allow. Thus you can create an ideal subtitle format for any type of video from short to long-form video.

2. ClipChamp

ClipChamp is a free, cloud-based video editing platform provided by Microsoft. It’s a great tool because it does not put a watermark on your videos, which means your videos look just as you want them without any branding but yours. Adding subtitles is just one of the many features ClipChamp offers. You can also cut videos, add effects, and much more.

ClipChamp Subtitle as TurboScribe alernative

One of the cool things about ClipChamp is that you can either integrate subtitles directly into your videos, so they always show up, or you can create separate subtitle files like SRT files. This flexibility is great whether you’re making videos for YouTube, school projects, or any other purpose.

For creating subtitles, ClipChamp uses Azure Speech-to-Text technology. This service is really strong at converting spoken words into written text and supports many different languages. This means you can make videos in English, Spanish, French, and more, and expect accurate subtitles.

ClipChamp is particularly useful for content creators because it offers a lot of useful tools without any cost. Whether you’re making videos for fun or for your followers, you have everything you need to start.

In the free version of ClipChamp, you can export as many subtitle files as you want. There are no limits. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, which starts at $10 per month, you’ll unlock even more features. These premium features include advanced video effects, better video quality, and additional editing tools, which can help make your videos stand out.

In summary, ClipChamp is a versatile and accessible option for anyone looking to enhance their video content, making it particularly appealing for new and experienced content creators alike.

3. Capcut

Capcut is a very popular video editing app used by people who make short videos. It works on many devices—like Macs, Windows computers, Android phones, iPhones, and even directly on the web.

Capcut transcription

Capcut is completely free and doesn’t put a watermark on your videos, so your final product looks clean and professional. Just like ClipChamp, Capcut offers features for adding subtitles and transcribing audio, but it also has many other video editing tools.

Capcut uses its own technology to turn spoken words into text. It can transcribe in less than 20 languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. However, it does not support languages like Hindi and Tamil. With Capcut, you can create videos that include subtitles or just make subtitle files like SRT files. While it doesn’t let you export TXT files directly, you can use websites like subtitle tools to convert SRT files into TXT or other formats.

Capcut offers more video editing features than ClipChamp, although its ability to accurately turn speech into text isn’t as good as TurboScribe, ListenMonster, or ClipChamp. One of the coolest things about Capcut is its animated subtitles. It has lots of pre-made templates that make your videos look great with just one click.

Capcut doesn’t have any limits for free users in transcription. You can create as many subtitle files as you need.

4. Freesubtitles ai

Free Subtitles offers a no-cost option that is great for smaller projects. You can upload files as large as 300 MB and transcribe or subtitle videos up to 1 hour long. It uses the Whisper Model Medium for transcriptions, which provides decent accuracy but lower than turboscribe and listenmonster.

freesubtitles ai

One thing to remember is that if you close your browser tab, the transcription will stop. So make sure to keep it open while your files are being processed.

You have to wait in the queue when a lot of users are transcribing files.

For those who need to work with bigger files or longer videos, Free Subtitles has a paid option. You can handle files up to 10 GB and videos as long as 10 hours. This premium version uses the Whisper Model Large V2 for even better transcription accuracy. For translations, it uses services like DeepL and Yandex, which are known for their high-quality results.

Another benefit of the paid version is that your transcriptions can run in the background, even if you close your browser tab.

5. ZapCap – Coming Soon

ZapCap is a new tool that’s coming soon. It helps you add cool, animated subtitles to your videos. These animated subtitles are trendy and can make your videos more interesting.

ZapCap will have a free plan that anyone can use. They’ll also offer a discount for people who choose to pay for more features. You can sign up now to be on the waiting list. That way, you’ll be one of the first to try it when it launches.

ZapCap will also release an API along with their platform, which means developers can use ZapCap’s features in their own apps.

You can join our waiting list to get an early bird offer.

Other Paid Alternatives

Here are the other paid alternative options to Turbo Scribe that you consider if you are not satisfied with free tools.

Happy Scribe:

Happy Scribe starts you off with one free transcription file, which is great for testing out the service. After that, if you want to keep using it, their plans begin at $17 per month and include up to 2 hours of transcription.

The platform also features a robust editor, which makes it easy to adjust and perfect your transcripts. If you need even higher accuracy, Happy Scribe offers human transcription services starting at $1.75 per minute.


Veed is an online video editor that is cloud-based, meaning you can use it right from your browser without installing anything. Subtitles are just one of the many features available on Veed. You can try adding subtitles for free, but you won’t be able to export your video unless you choose a paid plan.

The paid plans start at $25 and offer only 60 minutes of video editing per month, which might seem expensive. However, considering all the other features you get, it could be worth it if you need a powerful video editing tool.

Veed is known as one of the best cloud-based video editors available, so it’s a strong choice if you need more than just subtitles.

Final Words

Choosing the right transcription and subtitle service depends on your needs. If you’re just starting out or have smaller projects, the free options such as ListenMonster might be perfect for you. They offer a good balance of features without costing anything.

You can consider paid alternatives such as Veed for large projects or specific needs.

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