Submagic vs Capcut: Which is Best for Adding Captions?

This is an in-depth comparison of submagic and capcut to decide which is best for adding captions to your videos. Submagic vs Capcut comparison is based upon

  • Speech-to-text Accuracy
  • Caption Templates
  • Customization
  • Price


Submagic is an AI tool that creates short-form videos. It can transcribe audio, generate stock videos, add fancy transitions, and zoom in on strategic parts of the video.


It can also remove silent parts, sound effects, and background music. Descriptions, images, and GIFs can also be automatically added.

Submagic recently added text-based editing like descript. Basically, delete text to delete that part from the video.


CapCut is a free and user-friendly video editing app available for iOS, Android, and even desktops. Launched in 2020 by TikTok’s creators, Bytedance, CapCut has become a favorite among social media content creators, especially those on TikTok.

Capcut dashboard

Here’s a quick look at what makes CapCut so popular:

  • Easy to Use: CapCut boasts a user-friendly interface that makes video editing a breeze, even for beginners.
  • Rich Features: Despite its simplicity, CapCut offers a surprising range of features, including trimming and splitting videos, adding filters and stickers, adjusting speed, incorporating effects and music, and more.
  • Free to Use: That’s right – most of CapCut’s features are free, with no

Speech to Text Accuracy

The first thing for auto-captions is transcription. Let’s see which provides more accuracy in transcription.

Submagic: You’re spot on! Submagic integrates with well-known transcription services like Deepgram, AssemblyAI, and Speechmatics. These providers are renowned for their accurate speech recognition technology.

CapCut: Capcut relies on its own in-house speech recognition model. While it’s a convenient feature, general accuracy might be less reliable compared to Submagic’s integration with specialized transcription providers. However, the unique advantage of CapCut is its ability to transcribe song lyrics, something Submagic currently doesn’t offer.

Caption Templates

The next important thing is pre-made templates.

Submagic: Submagic definitely focuses on providing trendy and visually appealing caption templates. Its emphasis on replicating styles used by popular creators like Ali Abdaal and Alex Hormozi gives it a unique advantage for those aiming to emulate successful content styles.

Capcut: Capcut does offer a vast library of caption templates. However, they tend to be more basic in design and may not have the same immediate visual impact as Submagic’s curated selection.


Although pre-made templates are necessary however customizing is still as important as pre-made templates.

Submagic: Submagic offers a solid range of customization options. You can adjust colors, and fonts (including a variety of font families), add strokes, and even customize how many words appear in each line of your captions. This allows for a good degree of personalization.

Capcut: Capcut takes customization to the next level. It covers everything Submagic offers and pushes further by including animation options. You can easily apply pre-made animations or get granular with keyframe-based custom animations. Capcut also makes it simple to tweak individual subtitles instead of applying changes to every caption on the screen.



Submagic offers a free plan with limited features, including a watermark on videos, a maximum video length of 1 minute and 30 seconds, and only 3 video creations per month.

Paid plans start at $16 per month and offer features like no watermark, more video credits, longer video lengths, faster download speeds, and additional features like AI-powered auto descriptions with hashtags.

The most expensive plan is $150 per month and is ideal for agencies with multiple clients. Here’s a table summarizing the different paid plans according to Submagic pricing:

PlanPrice (monthly)Price (yearly)CreditsUpload per videoDownload speedVideo lengthWatermarkCustom templatesStock media
Starter$20$1620 videos200MBNormal90s maxYes3 custom templatesFree
Pro$50$40Unlimited videos400MBFast180s maxNo5 custom templatesFree stock media
Agency+$150$120400 videos600MBFast5mn maxNo10 custom templatesPremium
EnterpriseContact usContact usCustom videosCustomCustomCustomNoCustomPremium


CapCut is a completely free app with no watermarks. There’s a paid subscription available, CapCut Pro, for $9.99 per month, but this primarily offers additional effects, filters, and other extra features, not watermark removal.


In conclusion, Submagic alone for captioning is not fully justify its cost. However, it offers a comprehensive suite of features that can significantly automate and enhance video content creation.

These features include automatic transcription of audio into captions, AI-generated stock video (B-Roll), fancy video transitions, strategic auto-zoom, silent part removal (Auto-Cut), scene-enriching sound effects, one-click background music integration, automatic generation of video descriptions for increased reach, and the addition of relevant images and GIFs automatically.

Conversely, CapCut not only excels in offering comprehensive customization options and an intuitive interface but also surpasses Submagic with its additional advanced features.

CapCut includes a wide range of effects, both basic and advanced AI-driven functionalities that Submagic lacks.

CapCut’s appeal is further bolstered by its cost-effectiveness, providing most of its core features for free, which presents a compelling option for creators who seek extensive creative control without a significant financial investment.

Hence, while Submagic is commendable for its specialized automation features, CapCut is arguably the more versatile and economical choice, ideal for content crea

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