Submagic Free Alternative – No Watermark

Submagic initially started as a Video caption generator tool. Gradually they started adding new features such as Auto Silence, Magic B-roll, and much more.

However submagic has some drawbacks that make its alternatives more worthy such as

  1. Expensive: the initial plan would cost you $1 per video
  2. Limited features: No Background noise remover, API support, etc
  3. No Mobile App
  4. Watermark In Free Plan

Here I will share Multiple alternatives, Some provide more features while some are the most affordable. So you can find the best alternative for your specific requirements.

ZapCap – API alternative

Submagic does not offer API. Zapcap is the best submagic alternative if you are looking for an API tool to add captions to your videos.

Currently, Zapcap has 21 templates and it transcribes in more languages (99) with more accuracy.

Currently, our team is working on the SaaS tool along with other features such as B-roll, transitions, Auto Zoom, etc.

It will be launched next month. Here are the Captions templates if you are interested in the API.

You can sign up for free without any credit card, the first 3 minutes are free.

Zapcap is available on the pay-as-you-go model. It would cost you $0.10 per minute which is much cheaper than Submagic.

Opus Pro

Opus Pro is known for creating short-form clips from long-form content. It can auto-reframe and add captions to your videos.

Opus Pro recently added a video caption generator feature to their platform. It is free and does not require any registration. You need to create an account, if you want to edit transcription before rendering the video.

It offers all famous caption templates such as Mr. Beast, Ali abdaal captions, Alex Hormozi, and many more templates.


FreeStarter $9/monthPro $19/month or $114/year
60 processing minutes per month150 processing minutes per month300 processing minutes per month
1 User1 User2 users in team workspace
AI B-roll
Youtube and localInput from 5 sources Input from 10+ sources
Export to Adobe Premiere Pro & DaVinci Resolve
Social post title & description generatorSocial post title & description generator


  1. Affordable in terms of price-to-minute ratio
  2. Better transcription accuracy
  3. Export to Premiere pro, final cut pro
  4. Schedule to Social media


  1. A fewer templates
  2. No Text-based editing, Auto Zoom, Transitions features


Veed is one of the strongest submagic alternatives. Veed is a cloud-based video editor that can replace all of your video editing needs. Veed has many more features than Submagic such as AI eye contact, voice clone, Noise remover, AI avatars, etc.

Veed recently added new captions templates. They have also released a mobile app for IOS users that only provides captions.

Veed dashboard while ediing captions

This comes free with a Veed subscription however if you want an app subscription only then it is much more affordable than Submagic.

Veed lets you import your own SRT file and you can export SRT files as well. You can also translate subtitles into another language. Veed even lets you change Animation for subtitles.


You can try Veed for free however when you try to export the video, it would be a watermark in the free plan.

Basic – $25/month or $216annuallyPro – $38/month or $360/annuallyBusiness – – $70/month or $708/annually
Subtitles 60 min/monthSubtitles 120 min/monthSubtitles 600 min/mo
Full HD 1080p ExportsFull HD 1080p Exports4k Exports Quality
Video export length: 25 minutesVideo export length: 120 minutesVideo export length: 120 minutes
Text to speech 30 minutes/monthText to speech 60 minutes/monthText to Speech 300 min/mo
AI Avatar: 1 minutes/monthAI Avatar: 5 minutes/monthAI Avatar: 20 minutes/month

Veed has different pricing depending on your location. Veed pro plan just costs you ₹599 ($5.99/month) in India. However same plan would cost you $38/month in the USA.

Here are the screenshots.

Veed pricing difference


  1. More AI features such as Voice clone, Noise reduction, Auto reframe, Background remover, etc
  2. More Video editing features such as Screen recorder, Timeline editing, More transitions, stickers, shapes, etc.
  3. Fresh templates and More customization options
  4. Mobile App (iPhone users only)
  5. Import or Export the SRT file


  1. Lower Transcription accuracy
  2. No Magic B-roll


Descript is Vido editing software known for its text-based editing. Today almost all major video editors have text-based editing however descript was the first one to introduce this feature.

Descript has 17 caption templates. It also provides you with more customization options. You can export your results for free without any watermark.

Descript captions

My favorite caption style is Modern Yellow Waveform. Here it is added audio waveform under the captions.

Descript has many AI features such as AI eye contact, Overdub, Studio sound, AI background remover, etc.

You can record your screen as well as Remote Meetings records even if you have a slow connection.

Overdub voice your voice and let you correct recording mistakes. Currently, it is available in the English language only.

You can also add B-oll by selecting text. Descript lets you divide your video into multiple slides. For each slide, you can do different things for example show hide captions, remove background, etc.

Basically consider slides as Applying cut while editing your videos. Descript has the lowest accuracy in transcription. Descript also gives you frequent updates which is very annoying. They update every week.


FreeCreator – $15/month or $144/annually Pro – $30/month or $288/annually
1 watermark-free export/month (no watermark)1 transcription hour/month10 transcription hours/month
1 transcription hour/monthAutomatically remove “uh” and “um”Automatically remove “uh” and “um”
Up to 720p video qualityUp to 4k video quality Up to 4k video quality
10 Minutes AI Features (Eye Contact, Text to speech, background remover)60 Minutes AI Features Unlimited Use of AI features
1 remote recording hour/month10 remote recording hours/ month10 remote recording hours/month


  1. Export For Free (without watermark)
  2. Unique templates
  3. More Features such as AI eye contact, Overdub, Studio Sound Generate clips, etc.


  • Very Low Accuracy
  • 23 languages While Submagic has 50+ languages
  • No Magic B roll

Auto Caption

Autocaptions is another cloud-based caption solution that is focused primarily on video subtitles.

Auto caption also offers API unlike submagic.

Currently, it offers only 8 templates and there is no other feature for captions. It is a lot more affordable than any other caption product.

Auto captions can transcribe content in 99 languages covering all major languages from Afrikaans to Zulu.

You can try Auto caption for free however end result would be watermarked.


Starter $18/month or $180/yearExpert $25/month or $240/yearPro $40/month or $360/yearEnterprise $190/month or $1,596/year
100 videos/month100 videos/month500 videos/month3000 videos/month
Upload: 300 MBUpload: 500 MBUpload: 1000 MBUpload: 2000 MB
Max duration: 2 minMax duration: 4 minMax duration: 7 minMax duration: 7 min
API AccessAPI AccessAPI Access


  1. Affordable
  2. Higher transcription accuracy
  3. More number of languages (99)


  1. Fewer templates
  2. Only Captions: No other feature
  3. Limited Customization options


Capcut is a well-known video editor from tiktok itself. It is available across platforms from Android to iPhone, windows to Mac. It is available on the web too.

Capcut lets you export unlimited videos without any watermark. Video captions are just one of the features of Capcut.

Since Capcut is a video editor it crushes Submagic in features. However, there are some minor things that Submagic does better than Capcut. It can save time such as Magic B-roll.

Capcut also provides many AI features for free such as AI avatar, text-to-speech, voice clone, Speech enhancement, text-based editing, etc.

Capcut recently added new subtitle templates that make videos very engaging.

Capcut Video captions

Its accuracy is very low compared to submagic and other alternatives. It can transcribe only in 23 languages such as English, French, Russian, etc. It is missing languages such as Hindi, Tamil, etc.

Capcut also adds long lines and captions. So you have to manually break them into multiple lines.

Some of these templates are free while some are paid. It does not have Auto Zoom, or Magic B-roll where you can add a B-roll with one click.

However, you can manually add those features.

Capcut even lets you remove filler words along with silence while Submagic lets you remove auto silence only.


Free Pro $9.99/month or 89.99/year
Unlimited exports Unlimited exports
5 GB Cloud Space 100 GB Cloud Space
Standard Effects & Filters All premium Effects and Filters
Limited Caption templates All premium templates


  1. All Submagic features
  2. More AI features such as Voice Clone, AI avatars, Speech enhancement, etc
  3. More Editing features: Video Background remover, Masking, Pre-made templates, etc
  4. More Caption Templates


  1. Basic template in the free plan
  2. Lower transcription accuracy
  3. Only 23 languages
  4. Long Sentences Subtitles


Clipchamp is another video editor similar to the Capcut. It is available cross-platform, Web, windows, and iPhone. Currently, it is not available for Android.

However, you are getting very basic features in this video editor. For example, it has captions however there is no pre-made template.

You can’t add glow, highlight spokeswords, and other effects.

It also does not have a text-based editor, auto silence remover, etc.

However, it is free and lets you export unlimited videos without any watermark. Clipchamp comes pre-installed in Windows.

It provides Captions in 90+ all major languages. Its accuracy is better than Capcut and Descript.

It is best if you prefer simple captions for free.


Overall, its pricing plans make no difference in captions, or transitions. The premium plan is worth it, if you prefer a premium stock library.

Free Premium 10.00
$11.99/month or $119.99/year
Up to 1080p HD exportsUp to 4K(UHD) export resolution
Free stockPremium stock
Free filters & effectspremium filters & effects
Text to SpeechText to Speech
Auto Captions Auto Captions


  1. Free and Unlimted
  2. Higher accuracy
  3. More Video editing features


  1. No Animated template
  2. No Auto Emoji, Sound effects, Auto Zoom, etc.
  3. No Magic B-roll

Listen Monster

ListenMonster is the transcription platform. You can use it for free. It even lets you generate transcription file without registration.


However, you would be limited to the file size. Guest users can transcribe only 10 MB of files.

Registered users can export videos with captions. There are no animated caption templates. You can customize font family, color, background color, shadow, and border.

Listen Monster is missing features such as Transitions, Auto Zoom, animated templates, background music, etc.

You can export SRT files and then use any video editor to create a custom template.


FreePro $67/Lifetime
120 minutes/month600 minutes/month
Customize Words per subtitle Customize Words per subtitle
Paste Platform links (Youtube, Facebook, Google Drive etc)Paste Platform links (YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, etc)
Background Noise Reduction Background Noise Reduction
Export Video with Subtitles Export Video with Subtitles
Export SRT, TXT, VTT filesExport SRT, TXT, VTT files


  1. Free No watermark
  2. Easily Customize the number of words per subtitle
  3. Higher accuracy compared to Submagic


  1. Basic styles: No glow, word highlighting effect
  2. Missing features: Transitions, Background Music, etc.

Final words

Every Product has its own pros and cons. These free platforms such as ListenMonster have great usage. However, in the terms, it is quite limited.

Platforms like Veed, and Capcut just crush Submagic in terms of features. On the other side, ZapCap offers Caption API which is great for integrating into your product or automating the workflow.

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