Submagic API: Everything You Need Know

Submagic is a popular tool that adds captions to your videos. But it offers much more than just captions. You can add sound effects, emojis, transcriptions, auto-zoom, and other cool features.

In this blog post, I will explore the various functionalities of the Submagic API. Discover how to enhance your video content easily with Submagic.

Submagic API

Submagic does not provide any API. However, you can try the alternative option ZapCap. ZapCap is a Video captions API.

It can transcribe and then render the video with subtitles. Zapcap also lets you modify transcription and adjust the subtitle template before rendering the video.

Currently, we offer 21 templates. Here is a preview of a few templates.

Zacap operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, charging $0.10 per minute of video processed. We are providing a free trial as well without any credit card.

How Does API Work?

First, you need to send a Video file. It transcribes the video file and lets you know. Now you can make changes to the transcription file. It can transcribe 99 languages, covering all major languages.

After that, you need to select the subtitle template and it will start rendering the video.

It also adds animated emojis automatically that you can turn off as well. The cost is $0.10 per minute.

We are also working on a SaaS tool along with other features such as B-roll, Transitions, etc. It would be ready next month

Would Submagic Launch API in the Future?

Based on the latest updates from Submagic’s feature request and roadmap pages, there is no mention of an API development plan. This suggests that it is highly unlikely Submagic will offer an API in the near future.

Should Submagic decide to launch an API, it may come with a high cost. Their current pricing structure charges $1 per video under the Starter plan, which is considerably expensive compared to other services.

At this time, Zacap presents the most viable alternative for those seeking functionalities similar to a Submagic API. Zacap not only provides comprehensive captioning features but also does so at a more affordable rate. If you are looking for a reliable an

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