Auto Subtitle API With Build-in Transcription

Zapcap is offering Animated Subtitle API. Currently, we have 21 templates. Zapcap AI also adds emojis automatically depending upon the transcription.

Here is how Zapcap AI works.

  • First, you upload the video file. It starts transcribing it.
  • Once done it notify you. Now you can edit the transcription or auto-approve.
  • Then Pick a template from our 21 captivating templates.
  • After that will start rendering the video. Once done again you will be notified.

Zapcap automatically adjusts the number of words and lines per subtitle for best readability.

Auto Subtitle API Demo by Postman Collection

Here is the demo video or Zapcap API. You can sign up for zapcap for free. Here is the postman collection. Make sure you paste your API key.

Zapcap Templates

Currently, we have 21 templates. We have templates of all famous creators such as Alex Hormozi Style, Mr. Beast Style, Ali Abdal Style, and many more. You can view all templates inside the dashboard.

Here is a glimpse of all the templates.


You get 3 minutes for free to try our product.

Zapcap is available on the pay-as-you-go model. We charge per minute, which means you can make unlimited API calls, with no headache of credits expiring.


  • Up to 90-second videos
  • Up to 100 Mb videos
  • 21 subtitle templates
  • Never expiring credits

Video length which is 90 seconds by default can be increased up to 10 minutes on making a request.

How accurate is your speech-to-text Conversion?

We are using Whisper which is the most accurate speech recognition tool from Openai

Can I create a custom template?

Not right now, however, we will soon launch it.

Can I update the transcription?

Yes, you can edit the transcription before rendering the video

Here are zapcap docs if you want to learn more about our API functionality.

Zapcap API Use Cases

Here are the main use cases of Zapcap API.

Automate Video Captions: You can automate adding captions to 1 or 1000 thousand videos. When you have bulk videos (for example digital marketing agency) then Zap Cap can add captions automatically to save time and money.

Enhance product functionality: Zapcap can help you increase your product value by adding an auto-captions feature to your Saas.

Final words

Zapcap API takes subtitles to the next level. Unlike other traditional API which create very basic subtitle Zapcap provides simple and advance subtitle templates.

Zapcap is using whisper to transcribe content at highest accuracy possible. Zapcap can make videos more engaging by adding subtitles to them.

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